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  • Scottbilas created a post,

    How to tell R# that a function is a null-test?

    So I have this extension method..public static bool IsNullOrWhiteSpace(this string @this) { return string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(@this); } If I do this: if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(myString)) return ...
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    Does R# support DesignTimeResources.xaml?

    I'm getting a warning from R# about a missing resource that I know exists, but is loaded into the app dynamically.Before I write up a bug about it - does R# support DesignTimeResources.xaml?
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    How to make R# stop indenting in this case?

    I have been through all of the formatting options and just cannot find what is causing this. So many options..I am using the "Auto-insert closing brace + On Enter after an opening brace" feature.Gi...
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    Performance problems resolved

    Just a quick note to say thank you to the R# devs - all of the performance problems I was having in 6.0 appear fixed.This is also by far the most stable EAP I've seen yet. Been using it full time t...
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    Suggestion: a single-line rule suppression option

    Suggestion: in addition to this:            // ReSharper disable UnusedVariable            var x = 0;            // ReSharper restore UnusedVariableCould we have this:            var x = 0; // ReSh...
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    Types in search pattern expressions not working

    I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get my expression type right. I want to add a custom pattern that flags usage of ElementAt() on IList types as an error. So I am trying this:   Pattern = ...
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    Why keywords not permitted in Search patterns?

    I'm curious why I can't put keywords into a R# search pattern. For example, I'd like to do a search & replace from this:    foreach ($type$To this:    foreach (varBut the search pattern dialog tell...
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    Where is the R#6 SDK?

    I must be blind because I just can't find this mythical SDK that this page speaks of: would really like these item templates an...
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    "Help us improve Resharper!" click causes VS to lock up

    If I click the balloon "Help us improve Resharper" when I see it, I always immediately get a lockup from VS. Screen shot attached.This happens on two machines I have. "Switch to" and "Continue Wait...
  • Scottbilas created a post,

    How to make a Custom Pattern that is slightly recursive?

    We have extension methods To<T> and As<T> that do a fluent style version of (T)v and (v as T). I'd like to make a custom pattern to find redundant uses of these when the underlying 'v' is already o...