Change squiggle colors?


ReSharper v. 2022.2.3 
Visual Studio Pro 2022 17.4.4
Win 10x64

If I tell ReSharper to "Hide Visual Studio Squiggles" it seems to use some default color scheme that I don't know the name of or where to find it. Attached is an example where I have checked "Hide Visual Studio Squiggles" It's just a quick test case, the full declaration is:

public string Name { get => default; set {} }

As you can see, it's some sort of gray. I think. Anyway, I'd like to change the squiggle colors.


If I don't hide VS squiggles, it seems like I get both the VS squiggles AND ReSharper squiggles overlaying on top of each other which produces an odd color. I set the squiggle color for "Warning" under "Environment->Fonts and Colors->Text Editor" to magenta. Instead of magenta, I get whatever color combo you'd get with the grayish color overlapping a magenta color:


It's kind of orange, I guess?

Anyway, is it possible to change the various squiggle colors for ReSharper (like warning vs error or whatever as you can with the plain VS squiggles) and if so, what are their names and where can I find them? Thanks!

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Hello Jeff,

Thank you for contacting us.
Yes, you can do it here Visual Studio Tools | Options | Environment | Fonts and Colors.
The names of ReSharper highlightings are:

  • ReSharper Analysis Hint
  • ReSharper Analysis Suggestion
  • ReSharper Analysis Warning
  • ReSharper Analysis Error

So, you can change its colors.


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