In VS2019, "show potential fixes" is displayed when when hovering mispelled word; this is not happening in VS 2022.

Hi -

I use VS2019 and 2022, with ReSharper 2022 with reseller. Mostly C++, but some C#. For the description of VS2022 below, I ahve only tried it in a C++ solution, but the descriptions of VS2019 below apply to both C# and C++ solutions.

In VS2019, when I hover a misspelled word in, say, a comment, I get a popup that says "show potential fixes" (SPF). I can then click the SPF and select a replacement for the misspelled word.

Also in VS2019, if I want, I can right-click the misspelled word and on the resulting menu, select "Quick actions and refactorings" (QAR), which will then show a drop-down list in the gutter that descends from a yellow lightbulb icon. The list will have suggested replacements for the word which I can click on.

In VS 2022, neither of the above options are available.

When I hover a misspelled word, I get only a popup telling me there is a typo. It has no option to select SPF. The only way I can fix the word is to left-click on it to get my cursor at the word, which brings up an A/Check Mark icon in the gutter, which I must then click on again, and do several more clicks through that to fix the word.

If I right-click on the word, I do get the same QAR option, but clicking on it only makes the A/Check mark icon appear in the gutter - I still have to move my mouse over to it and click it to get a drop-down list. 

In VS2022, I can also do Alt Enter to avoid clicking on the gutter icon, but when I'm fixing spelling, my hand is usually on the mouse, making pressing alt enter a hassle. In other words, I would really like to get both of the above options from VS2019 working in VS2022, especially the first one (SPF).

Side note: it would be nice to someday get a way to just right-click on a misspelled word and get a list of replacement words, which is how spelling replacements are done in almost every other application. Even better - just hover and the popup shows a list of replacement words.

But I'd be quite content to just get VS2019 functionality working in VS 2022. I have spent a bunch of time searching the internet and messing with settings, but I can't make this happen. So thanks in advance for your help.

I can provide screenshots of the VS2019 and VS2022 cases described above if needed - just let me know.

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Yes, please show the difference between VS2019 and VS2022 in screenshots. Are you sure you don't have some other spellchecking extension installed in VS2019?


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Oh, wow, I do have another spell-checker extension installed in VS 2019. I don't even remember doing it - was probably years ago at this point. 

My apologies - after I got reshaper, I completely forgot about everything else. It does so much that it's hard to know what it doesn't do.

Anyway, I installed the same extension in 2022 and everything is working as I'd like now, so we're all set and this ticket can be closed. Thanks for the quick response - it wasn't a resharper poblem, but you still fixed it for me ;)


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