Unbearably slow performance on VS2022

Right now it is impossible to keep using Resharper with VS2022. I've sent multiple performance profiles and followed the instructions on the "Improving Performance" article, to no avail. Only by fully disabling Resharper I'm finally able to work. I ended up setting a chord to toggle Resharper when it acts up.

I'm considering suspending my licence until the issues are sorted out. Is there any fix incoming anytime soon for this, or at least a prediction to when this issues might be fixed?


A Sousa, thank you for your feedback. Sorry to hear that you've run into performance issues.

Unfortunately, this is not a specific problem that we can fix - we investigate each case separately since there are many reasons for their occurrence, including those unknown to us. If you notice that ReSharper slows down Visual Studio, please help us to determine the cause of the issue by profiling Visual Studio - follow the instructions described here to collect a snapshot. 

By the way, what ReSharper version are you using (ReSharper | Help | About JetBrains ReSharper)? Is it the latest 2022.2.3?


I've sent multiple performance snapshots already, in two different situations resulting in the same slowdown. And I'm using JetBrains ReSharper 2022.2.3 Build 222.0.20220901.62528 built on 2022-09-01 ReSharper 2022.2.20220901.64753, with Visual Studio 17.3.3. I'm asking about an incoming fix about these slowdowns because apparently I'm not the only one with slowdowns in VS2022





A Sousa, thanks for your reply. How can I find your snapshots? Do you have any links? I could check what we found there to answer your question more specifically.

I also looked at the links you shared. Unfortunately, what looks the same isn't always the same inside. When it comes to performance, only snapshots can help to understand whether the problems are the same or not.


A Sousa, I found YouTrack issues with snapshots. 

RSRP-490030 is already fixed, we are waiting for approval from our QA team. The fix will be available in one of ReSharper 2022.3 EAP builds. To find out in which one, please follow YouTrack issue.

RSRP-489831 is scheduled for 2022.3 too. Please keep watching the issue on bug tracker, as it has the most recent state.


I'm relieved to know JB is on top of things and will be eagerly awaiting the EA releases. Thank you, very much, for your support!


Happy to help :) Please let me know if there is anything else I could help you with. Have a great day!


A Sousa as a workaround you can disable feature "Show unused non-private type members when solution-wide analysis is off" at ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings


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