Move hardcoded strrings to resource files in .cshtml documents.


In an core applicatoin I need to use the "Move to resource" tool to localize strings.  The operation is available as a refacgtor when I select a hardcoded string in c# code, but it is not available in razor cshtml files.

Is there any way to enable this operaiton in cshtml files? I need to extract a lot of resources from cshtml files.  The whole "refactor" tool seems to be off in cshtml files.


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Could you please provide some screenshots and video demonstrating the issue with moving to resources in cshtml? Is there any chance you could provide a sample solution in which the problem is reproduced? You can share the information via "Submit a request" form or using our upload service.

Thank you.

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Sure. I uploaded a video. You will see first how the Refactor>>Move menu is available when I select a hardcoded text in a c# class.

And then you will see how the Refactor Move operation is not available in a chunk of text of a razor page.

Upload id: 2022_09_28_XwJEmdqhvYVBP8bXVyYjEg (file: no refactor 2022-09-28_17-08-16.mp4)

Thank you for having a look into it,


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Hell Dani,


thank you for the provided info.

Currently, "Move to resource" refactoring is not supported for html part of cshtml files, here's a corresponding feature request - You are welcome to comment or vote for it.


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