clang-tidy.exe running every 4-5 seconds...

using Resharper C++ with Visual Studio 2019.

For some reason (even if nothing is changed in the IDE) the clang-tidy.exe is started for the currently active
file every 4-5 seconds.

This only happens if the file-editor is focussed (aka the cursor is in the file). If i focus the Solution explorer
this stops. (as it should)

Is there any cure for that (as it is a very resource-heavy process) ?



Do you get the status bar indicator at the top of the scrollbar also constantly changing state? Please share the log (ReSharper | Help | Show log) and the file name where this occurs. You can upload the log to



yes, exactly that happens.

Loaded up the logs (lots of exceptions, but seemingly nothing for the time-range where the clang-tidy.exe is called)

Upload id: 2022_09_01_gVqfZorG1zkA9BKyhcwyqH (file: JetBrainsLog.JetBrains.2022-09-01T12-58-04.devenv#11972.log)


Thanks! Unfortunately, it looks like we need more verbose logs. Could you please collect a log with the "Verbose" log level as described in and upload it? Please also note and let us know the approximate time when file reanalysis was happening.


Thanks - just uploaded with verbose.

Several entries concerning the start of clang-tidy.exe exist.
Hopefully thats the data you need.

Upload id: 2022_09_01_dcyiU9ZcHcJJ2zRM1er2fs (file: resharper_log.txt)


Sorry, but we need to go deeper yet :) Could you please also send us a log collected with the "Trace" log level? Note that the log might get large though, might be worthwhile to archive it before uploading.



hahaha, ok - i feared that much.

Here we go.

Upload id: 2022_09_02_W5ui94J4ufEqrEpaFCAYQn (file: resharper_log.txt)


Do you maybe have a file open in the editor from the temp folder V:\_win_temp? Please try closing all tabs and check if the issue still occurs in the test file. If this doesn't help, please also attach the output of Alt+Enter, "/internal Dump project model".


Thank you - that helped.
Closed a lot of tabs. I dont perfectly understand the reason why this would matter, but im good.



In general, ReSharper watches the directories containing files in the solution for file system changes. When you open a file in VS it gets added to the internal "Misc files" project, which causes ReSharper to watch the temp directory. Clang-tidy runner creates some temp files in the temp dir, which causes filesystem changes, which causes reanalysis of the file and another clang-tidy run, and the cycle repeats.

Anyway, I believe this is fixed in 2022.3 and R# will never watch the temp dir.


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