clang-tidy configuration file and code cleanup

There is a Resharper option to use a custom clang-tidy configuration file. But it is not taken into account with Code Cleanup, even if I activate the CodeCleanup option "other-fixits".
Is it a bug or am I overlooking something?



Why do you think it's not being taken into account? Please describe what you're trying to do. 

Note that the list of enabled checks is currently taken from R# settings and not from the config file -



I know it's not taken into account, because before using R++, I used and with it, it works.
Therefore I have a reference .clang-tidy file I can trust.
If you say that the list of enabled checks is currently taken from R++ (not R# as you mention) settings and not from the config file, then why does the R++ says it supports .clang-tidy at all?


R# uses the -checks command-line argument to pass the list of enabled/disabled checks to clang-tidy as described on the settings page:

With this setup, the command-line -checks value overrides the list of checks from .clang-tidy. R# does not interact with .clang-tidy per se, but the .clang-tidy file is read by the clang-tidy binary. This allows you to configure the behavior of specific checks through .clang-tidy.

Ideally, there would be close integration between the severities of inspections that you can change via R# and the .clang-tidy file, that's what the issue mentioned above is about. We could also add a quick setting that controls where the -config argument is used at all, but then if you change the severity of an inspection through R# nothing happens and it gets confusing.


It seems you did not get my point. I am reporting that the .clang-tidy file that I specify in the R++ settings, is not taken into account at all by the Code Cleanup feature. To minimize errors, I have created a minimal .clang-tidy file, whose content is only:

Checks: '-*,modernize-use-nullptr'

Then I run Code Cleanup and I see the requested fix is not applied to the code.

Therefore, this is either a R++ bug, either an option in R++ I have overlooked.

To make myself as clear as possible: I am not speaking about explicitly checking 'modernize-use-nullptr' inside the R++ option dialog, I am speaking about using this option inside a .clang-tidy configuration file.




It seems you did not get my answer. I tried to explain why the "Checks" parameter from a .clang-tidy file is not currently used. Again, in short, it's because R# uses the "-checks" command-line argument to clang-tidy.exe which overrides the value from the config.


Thanks for explaining again, now I understand.


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