Can Visual Studio start without R# opened windows like the Find Results one?


When I start Visual Studio it starts with R#'s windows like Find Results. Maybe these were opened when VS was closed. I suspect these windows are slowing down the VS's startup. Also Find Results opens without any results and I am pretty sure it had results when VS closed. So if it's not showing any results anyway, I don't see the benefit of it getting opened.

Is there a R# setting or a VS one to disable this?

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Hello Abdu Bukres,

Thank you for contacting us.
For now, there is no such setting. But I discussed this feature request with our development team and opened a corresponding issue -

The state "Upvoting" in this issue means, that we want to see how many users need it and then we can make a decision about the implementation of this feature.
So, feel free to comment or vote for it.
Thank you.


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