How to tracking code coverage / unit test related metric over time? Historical chart?

Hi, I'm using ReSharper intensively a 20 years old .NET project (yes it started with version 1.0) and I would like to "track" somehow the project on the code coverage or number of tests or some metric related to UnitTest. 

I can't find anything build-in (maybe I've missi it?) or is there any tools/project people used to keep lets say a daily snapshot on how that goes.

I know that code coverage is not "THE" metric to keep track, but it's something I looking as a personals motivator.



Hello Jcmorin!

I did not hear about special tools for that. With dotCover you can save snapshots or reports and then track the progress by them. 



Thanks Alexander Nikolaenko for the reply, I saw the export option, but I was wondering if something would analyzed all those reports. I'm the only one tracking that?


Hello Jcmorin!

I found that this kind of statistic might be collected on the CI\CD side. For example, TeamCity has built-in code coverage tools and then you can obtain code coverage stats among others, see this page.

Perhaps other CI\CD solutions have something similar. I hardly imagine this kind of analysis performed in IDE, since you work with the current project version and there is no retrospective.



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