Private Azure Devops Nuget | Source Linking | External Sources Error "NonAuthoritativeInformation" Click to Authenticate

GIVEN:  Visual Studio project has a private nuget package hosted on Azure Devops Artifacts with Source Linking configured properly

WHEN: Developer attempts to navigate to the implementation of a type/method contained in the nuget package

THEN: Resharper shows the following error: "External Sources: Cannot download <name of file>. NonAuthoritativeInformation (203). Click to authenticate"

Additional Information

If I go to Resharper Options > External Sources  and select "Default Visual Studio navigation", I am able to successfully navigate to source code. 


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Sorry for the delay in responding.

Seems that Visual Studio is already authorized in the private repository, while ReSharper is not. Could you please enter the authorization information that ReSharper is asked for and check how it works for you.

Thank you.


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