Deleted default pattern from team-shared settings

Hello, all,

In company we use team-shared setting with code cleanup. When we doing some changes team-shared settings rewrites (deleted our custom settings) C# -> File Layout -> Default Pattern.

Steps to reproduce:

Write new code (Properties and fields) and saving document - code clean up window is appearing. Clicking Run and close Visual studio. Start Visual Studio. Check dotSettings file size or try to find /Default/CodeStyle/CSharpFileLayoutPatterns/Pattern/@EntryValue. Whole section with our custom code is deleted.

Using tools:

Visual Studio 2022

Resharper 2021.3.3

Format Document on Save 3.1


Maybe somebody know how to resolve it. Or prevent deleting this default pattern. Thanks.

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Hello Pavel Tihonchuk,

Thank you for contacting us.
Could you please submit a new support request (at the right top corner of this page) and share there:
- The team shared the settings file.
- What exactly did you change in the Options dialog? 
- Do you have any extensions installed into ReSharper?


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