Getting ambiguous reference error



I am getting the red squiggly line under class references for variables saying it's an ambiguous reference. First I was getting it in my test project. Now in the main project too. I am 99% certain I have no ambiguous references.

I have cleared the cache, closed VisualStudio, deleted all obj & bin folders, started VisualStudio - and still have it.

Everything compiles & runs fine.

What's going on?

thanks - dave

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Hi David, thank you for your feedback. First of all - what VS and ReSharper versions are you using?

If this is reproducible in the latest ReSharper 2022.1 in a test project, can you send it to us for investigation? You can use for this. Thanks in advance!

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I updated to 2022.1 and that fixed it.

Thank you

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I've been getting the ambiguous reference warning for about 6 months now.  Every update to VS2022 and/or Resharper brings me hope that it is fixed.  Sadly, I'm disappointed.  I seem to get them in the code behind for every object defined in a XAML file.  Here is an example:

I don't understand where the ambiguity lies.

I am running VS2022 Version 17.2.1 (64-bit) and Resharper 2022.1.1 built on 2022-04-28.

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Hello Culpepperj,

Does the issue go away if you disable ReSharper?

Is there any chance you could provide us some stripped solution in which the problem is reproduced? You can send it using our "Submit a request" form at the top of the page.

Thank you.


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