How to associate Ctrl+R, R with Microsfots refactor rename?

I have JetBrains package of dotTrace, dotMemroy and Resharper, and I enjoy it's numerous features, but I would like to use Visual Studio's Refactor Rename when pressing Ctrl R,R.  I cannot seem to accomplish this.  

What I have tried is the following:

Tools | Options | ReSharper | Options -> Environment | Keyboard | Visual Studio Commands -> uncheck the Refactor.Rename Ctrl + R, Ctrl + R in the 'Select individual Visual Studio commands to overide'.  I also unchecked the 'Override Visual Studio refactorings' on the same page.  None of this seems to work (even after restarting VS).  I still get ReSharper's Refactor Rename when pressing Ctrl R,R.  What is happening?

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Hi Marcinrak Howden

Thank you for contacting us. 

Try to open `Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard` and search for `ReSharper.ReSharper_Rename`. Then remove all shortcut associations for this action.

I hope this helps! 


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