highlighting unused fields, functions, classes, enums(dead code)

Hello, I just switched from Clion to Visual Studio, and what I liked in Clion was this feature of highlighting unused code with the grey color. I Installed resharper c++ for visual studio and it halfly works. I mean its higlighting for example unused includes or parameters. But is it posibble to highlight the unused fields, functions, classes, enums with a gray color? In the picture example of unused class field. Right now its only underlined, but I want it to be grey like parameter b in my function(). Of course this field (and Class) are not used anywhere else.

  • In Fonts and colors I swtiched Resharper Dead Code, and Resharper Unused Nonprivate Members color to grey,

It worked perfectly in Clion, now im using Resharper 2021 and Visual studio community 2022.

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This is unfortunately not possible right now. ReSharper performs the unused code analysis only for local variables and parameters.


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