Refractor unavailable for some C++/CLI code


I want to extract the following line as a new method, but it says that it isn't available, and the whole Refractor menu is disabled.

_lines->Add(gcnew Line3D(_sceneManager, new Vector3(-0.55f, 0, _start), new Vector3(-0.55f, 0, _end), parameters->LineColor)

With the following:

Grid3dParameters^ parameters
_lines = gcnew List<Line3D^>();

And Vector3 is a native class from Ogre 3D, _sceneManager too. _start and _end are float.

With VS 2022 and Resharper 2021.3

Extract method works fine with other code lines from the same file/class.



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Hi Pierre-Yann,
We've tried to reproduce the issue, and the result is different – the refactoring works wrong, but at least it is available.
Could you please share the code sample in the related YouTrack ticket?


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