Is Resharper Typescript Support Dead in 2022?

Typescript 4 was released in August 2020. Typescript is now at version 4.5.5 as of Feb 2022.

Resharper is still only supporting Typescript 3!

Will there be a point at which Resharper is able to keep pace with new Typescript versions? As a full stack developer, I spend a ton of time writing Typescript, and like to keep pace with the latest Typescript releases, and Resharper isn't much benefit for that.

Can you let us know if Typescript will get any attention, or is JetBrains planning to let support for this die?



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Hello Daniel,

We have a corresponding issue about the new TS version support -

It includes references for some specific TS versions support issues. We would appreciate it very much if you could take some time to describe the critical problems you're experiencing - either in separate issues or in more detailed comments.

Thank you.  


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