How to stop all the debug unit tests in one go?


How to stop all the debug unit tests in one go? It seems debug unit tests are running in parallel and I have to manually stop each one.

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Hi Abdu Bukres,

By default unit tests debug does not execute in parallel. It may be in two cases: 

  1. Run up to [x] test runners in parallel is more than one and there more than one unit tests artefact - several projects\target frameworks\test frameworks.
  2. It is MSTest and parallelizing configured in .runsettings.

In any way, the test runner process is not as simple to stop as a console application. It may take time or can be even impossible in rare cases. 

To terminate all test runner processes immediately, make the second click to the stop button in the Unit Test Session tool window. The first click sends a graceful close signal, the second, with a red hand, terminates all the processes.


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