Confused about the error list and warnings


I have a fresh project, re sharper enabled, solution wide analysis enabled.

When I look at files, I can see in the text area scroll bar markers for various things I could improve. However none of these show up in the Error List in some way for me to fix them all without having to visit each file.

I have run "reset all settings" to make sure it wasn't turned off but no luck. In the options under code analysis there was supposed to be a thing to show warnings but I don't see it in my version.

I also found this while googling but am unable to find the mentioned button:

  1. To view the ignored errors/warnings, click Show Ignored errors/warnings on the toolbar — you will see all errors/warnings in the solution, the ignored items are shown as crossed out. Even if you choose to display ignored items in the list, they will not affect the status bar indicator.

Is there some way to see all the things that I could fix in one big list?

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Hello Tom,


Could you please provide some screenshot demonstrating the error markers in the scroll bar and error list window.

Thank you.

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In the picture below, I am hovering over an alert and that alert is not present in the list at the bottom(I've scrolled through the whole thing). There are many others like this.

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That's Visual Studio's built-in error list, which doesn't include most of R#'s errors, warnings, or suggestions.

Try opening the R# "Errors/Warnings in Solution" window instead. (ReSharper -> Windows -> Solution Errors)


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