How to change tooltip background for ReSharper quick actions (VS2022)?


At first, I just had ReSharper quick actions enabled and had "Hide Visual Studio Quick Action icons in the left margin" checked. But when I hover over a ReSharper quick icon, I can't read the tooltip. It looks like this:

So I unchecked the option so that both the ReSharper and the VS2022 quick actions both show up in the gutter. As you can see, mousing over the Visual Studio quick action produces a tooltip that I can actually read:

Is there any way to fix this? I can't find a setting in fonts and colors in Tools->Options and I don't see anything in the ReSharper options either. 


Hello jeff weinstein

Thank you for the settings! And please accept my apologies for the late response.

I've managed to find the certain setting in the exported .vssettings file. Please comment out the line or change its foreground value to fix the tooltip visibility issue:

<!--Item Name="ToolTip" Foreground="0x00FFFFFF" Background="0x00646A7B" BoldFont="No"/-->

Hello jeff weinstein

Do you have some custom VS theme or UI extension installed?


It's the default "Blue" theme. Obviously the colors for syntax are changed (hence the navy blue background). All colors were modified just using the standard built in Tools->Options->Fonts & Colors menu. I have no extensions installed at all besides ReSharper. In VS2019 I did not have this problem: the fonts/colors being used are the same from then. As far as I know, there isn't anything in Fonts/Colors that lets you modify tooltip colors in any way. Maybe it's pulling the foreground/background tooltip colors from some other value? Here's a link to 2 settings if you want to try and reproduce this. To do so, just simply use the built in default "Blue" VS2022 theme that ships stock with it. Install ReSharper. Then, import the settings file in the zip ("just fonts and colors VS2022 Exported-2021-12-16.vssettings") and the ReSharper settings also in the zip.


Awesome, thank you!


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