How do I get the context menu Resharper Debug and Run Tests options In Visual Studio 2019 (at test class/method level)

In VS2017, with an earlier version of Resharper, I would see two sets of context menu options for debugging/running tests when I right click on a test class or test method. 

The top "Run Test(s)" and "Debug Test(s)" options are from VS.

The bottom "Run Unit Tests" and "Debug Unit Tests" options come from R#.

This screenshot if from a different computer, but shows the context menu options I saw previously in VS2017.

Upload id: 2021_12_02_9twZwLeGp8XeofLP (file: VSRS TestContext.png)

VS Pro 2019 Version 16.11.5

Resharper Ultimate 2020.1.4

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Hi lue!

Nothing has changed on this matter in newer VS, nor ReSharper. Ensure that tests are recognized by ReSharper - the guttermark on the left tab is in place and the test is shown in "Unit Tests Explorer". Try to build the test project if the test was not discovered. 



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