How to import .editorconfig settings globally for every solution ?

I just installed ReSharper EAP C++ for Visual Studio 2022 (first time user). It overrode all my coding style settings, so I started doing all my settings again using "Edit .editorconfig interactively..." because I couldn't find a solution to make ReSharper use my visual studio settings for coding style. In the end I exported them to a .editorconfig file in order to give them to a friend who also installed ReSharper, but I don't know how to import or use those settings globally (I don't want to have a .editorconfig file in every project/solution). Any idea ?

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Hello Andrei,

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding.

There's an option to use exported ReSharper .dotSettings file to transfer your settings to your friend. Here are some more details in the help article -

Thank you.


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