How to apply the IntelliJ IDEA keyboard scheme AND keep the custom keyboard shortcuts?

For some reason once a while I lose the IntelliJ keyboard scheme. I just tried alt-F7 for finding usage and it didn't do anything.
Then I click the 'Apply Scheme' button and restore the mappings. However, I lose all my custom keyboard shortcuts and I have to manually reassign them. 

How do I apply the default IntelliJ keyboard scheme and at the same time keep all my custom keyboard mappings?

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Hello Abdu,

Currently, there's no way to apply some ReSharper scheme and keep custom shortcuts. Though we are looking into a new concept of shortcuts operating so custom shortcuts could be kept.

As a workaround, I'd suggest saving the current keyboard scheme with VS exporting settings wizard to keep it and import it whenever you need it again.

By the way, could you possibly have the following option enabled - VS Tools | Options | Environment | Accounts | Synchronize VS settings...?

Thank you.


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