inspectcode exclude and include commands


Hi all,

I am in the process of setting up inspect code to run as part of our CICD.

The project is a Unity C# project, and while I have the basics running I can't seem to get include or exclude to work.

This code works fine

jb inspectcode $solution --output=$xmlOutput --no-build --profile=$settings  --cache-home=$cache

But if I try to exclude files, nothing changes about the output, and if I try include files I get a "No files to inspect were found."

Example of something I would like to exclude

Inspecting <Assembly-CSharp-Editor>\Assets\GetSocial\Editor\Utils\SemanticVersion.cs

How I have tried 


Example of something I would like to include

Inspecting <Assembly-CSharp>\Assets\_Scripts\Ads\AdModel.cs

How I have tried 


I have tried using file names, directory names and a variety of wildcards.

Can someone help me understand what I am doing wrong?

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Jack Gillespie please try 

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Thanks awesome, thanks.

It worked perfectly.

Another question, if I want to include or exclude multiple files, what is the separator?




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Semicolon or just specify it several times

-exclude="**\Generated\**.*" -exclude="**\GetSocial\**.*"
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You rock Slava :) 



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