Latest vs2022 Preview - no progress shown while R# processes assemblies.

Just updated and opened a solution. Thought that R# had just gone AWOL as it's prone to do these days. However I noticed a lot of disk activity and eventually it became available so I think on this occasion it just didn't show the usual 'Processing Assemblies...' stuff.

All in all my experience of the latest EAP versions has not been impressive. It seems like half the time R# just can't be bothered any more. Getting to the point where I no longer expect it to help me and that's only a short step away from uninstalling it and freeing up memory for something more useful.


Hello Aruecope, sorry to hear that you've run into performance issues. As far as I understand, difficulties happen when loading the solution. Do you have a chance to collect a performance snapshot for us using the following steps?

Also, do I understand correctly that you are using VS 2022 + ReSharper 2021.3 EAP5?

Thanks in advance!


This isn't about performance. It's about R# not showing it's loading progress when loading a solution.


Aruecope, how often does this problem happen, each time? Could you please illustrate it somehow (e.g., screen recording)? You can upload it to the JB server via form 
Do I understand correctly that the solution loads quickly, just no indication appears? And as a result, ReSharper works fine, right?


It happens every time. I can upload a video tomorrow but I'm not sure how it will help you. All you'll see is nothing happening on the screen for a minute or so until eventually the memory indicator finally appears.

I have not mentioned any performance issues and as far as I can tell it's taking just as long to load the solution as it always has. It just no longer gives me any indication that it's loading.


Aruecope, thanks for the update. Let's try to take a look at the log file. Could you please run Visual Studio with the following command line: 'devenv /ReSharper.LogFile C:\log\resharper_log.txt /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose'? After that reproduce the issue and upload the corresponding 'resharper_log.txt' file to Thank you!


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