Additional arguments have no effect on Azure DevOps Resharper Code Quality Analysis

- task: ResharperCli@2
  displayName: Automated Code Quality Scan (Warn)
  condition: eq('${{ parameters.Action }}', 'Warn')
    SolutionOrProjectPath: $(Services_SolutionPath)
    failBuildLevelSelector: Warning
    failBuildOnCodeIssues: ${{ parameters.ShouldFailBuild }}
    additionalArguments: /disable-settings-layers:SolutionPersonal --no-build
    reSharperNuGetVersion: Latest

This is my yaml task, but looks like the additional arguments are coming in double quotes and CLI is ignoring them.
Invoking InspectCode.exe using arguments "D:\a\1\s\BC-Test\Service\Upmc.Test.sln" /o:"D:\a\1\a\JetBrains.ReSharper.CommandLineTools.2021.2.0\tools\Reports\CodeInspection_Unlabeled_Build.xml" "/disable-settings-layers:SolutionPersonal --no-build"
I was trying to do no build, but those parameters are completely ignored and it did run the build.
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Hi Sajan777

Please, address your issue to the author of ResharperCli@2 task.

It's third-party code.

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