Autocomplete not working as expected, missing classes



I'm working with the Revit API. It has two classes, one called XYZ and one called BoundingBoxXYZ. 99% of the time I am wanting to use the XYZ class. When I type XYZ, ReSharper completely ignores it and always "corrects" to BoundingBoxXYZ. If I type "new XYZ" then enter a bracket, it replaces XYZ with BoundingBoxXYZ, so I have to go back and manually fix each time. For it to not autocomplete, I have to press Escape before typing the brackets. Both behaviours are very frustrating. This happens occasionally on other classes too.

How do I resolve this? Example below of it ignoring the XYZ class:






Could you please provide some sample project in which the problem is reproduced?

You can submit it privately using "Submit a request" form at the top of the page.

Thank you.


Thanks for the quick response. I have submitted some code via that form. ID number is #3385059.

I tried to create a new project and show the issue but it works fine on a new project. It seems that the problem is isolated to my project. Hopefully we can figure out why. Thanks


I've reproduced the issue and filed a corresponding bug report -
You are welcome to comment or vote for the issue.



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