When can we expect ReSharper C++ support for Visual Studio 2022?

We're using ReSharper C++ with a kind-of big solution and we currently have big problems with frequent garbage collections and IDE hangs/restarts. When I saw that VS 2022 Preview 1 is out I was hoping to give it a try and see if/how much it improves things. Unfortunately ReSharper C++ doesn't support VS 2022 yet. I tried searching online for an announcement about ReSharper C++ for VS 2022 but I couldn't find anything.

So ... when (roughly) can we expect a ReSharper C++ version (official release or EAP) with support for VS 2022?


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As usual, Microsoft didn't give us a lot of head start, so we're still in the early stage of adding support for VS 2022 and do not commit to it being ready in 2021.2 (but hopefully it will be finished by 2021.3). You can follow https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-484884 to track our progress, our general thoughts about VS 2022 are in https://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2021/04/28/resharper-and-visual-studio-2022-64-bit/.




thanks for your reply!

but hopefully it will be finished by 2021.3

Sounds good. At least if the 2021 in the version number means you expect to release it some time in 2021 :)



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