Where can I enable Resharper C++ suggestion to pass parameters as const references?

Where can I enable Resharper C++ suggestion to pass parameters as const references? I remember it was recommending me to make parameters const and then pass by reference when applicable, and it was useful in many cases, but now it doesn't do it.
I think it was something like clang-pass-by-reference inspection with parameter may be made const inspection.
The const inspection is still there but I can't find inspection for the pass-by-reference.
I reset my settings to default just to make sure it's something I didn't turn off myself.
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Probably performance-unnecessary-value-param (https://clang.llvm.org/extra/clang-tidy/checks/performance-unnecessary-value-param.html)

ReSharper 2021.2 will have a built-in inspection for this.



Yes, that was it.

Apparently, after I reset all of my settings to default, I was checking if it was making that suggestion on types which were trivial to copy. It still doesn't suggest it on the types I was trying it on.

I then tried it on a newly created project with all default settings and std::string passed as a function parameter and it did suggest the `performance-unnecessary-value-param` fix for it. After I disabled the inspection, it stopped suggesting it for the std::string on the test project, as expected.

After I restored my backed up settings in Resharper, I went to check if the `performance-unnecessary-value-param` was disabled. It was enabled, and it still didn't suggest the fix for even std::string. I reset my inspection settings to default and that, it finally started suggesting the `performance-unnecessary-value-param` for types like std::string.

It works as expected now.

I think it might be a bug somewhere because inspection settings were enabled and it still wasn't suggesting the fix. Well, reset inspection settings fixes it, if anyone ever runs into it.

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Maybe you disabled clang-tidy support? Can you share your saved settings?


Yes, you are right, I did have clang disabled:


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