Only enable Internationalization feature.



I would like to install ReSharper in my computer but *only* enable the Internationalization feature: Localize .NET Applications - Features | ReSharper (

To be clear, ideally, after installing ReSharper, Visual Studio would look and behave as if I never installed ReShaper except for the Internationalization feature.

Is this possible?



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Hello Rene,

Thank you for contacting us.
There's no option to enable only the Internationalization option explicitly, but you can try to disable all features except Internationalization in ReSharper | Options | Products & Features and check how it works for you.

Also, you can:
1. Turn off Code analysis in ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings.
2. Change ReShaper code completion to Visual Studio in ReSharper | Options | Intellisense | General.
3. Turn on Visual Studio features in ReSharper | Options | Editor | Visual Studio features.

You can also read our Feature Map.
Maybe you'll find many other useful features there (not only Internationalization).

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