Extreme slowdown when writing xunit test cases in VS 2019 with newest ReSharper plugin


There are considerable slowdowns when writing test cases using xunit (cannot compare to other test frameworks).

How to reproduce:

- start writing tests.

- one of test cases (random test case, often third or more) when writing [Fact] attribute will cause hang-up for few seconds OR

-- written [Fact] attribute, going to next line will cause xx seconds hangup OR

-- written [Fact] attribute, going to next line, writing public async will freeze vs for xx seconds


Another example is:

- write new test case (after successfully run other ones in the same file), hit execute - this freezes vs for xx seconds.

another execute wont cause slowdown

- rewrite part of test (change variable name for example or change one of assertions)

- hit run - this cause vs xx second freeze.


Restarting vs sometimes helps - those are random occurrences, but they are happening extremely often.


Hardware used - Ryzen 4800H (8c / 16t), 32GB ram, rtx 2060 notebook - set to maximum performance, on ac power

Every update installed (windows, driver, vs, resharper)


extensions - codemaid, resharper, roslynator (disabled), vs spellchecker, gitlab and standard vs ones.

Performance guides did not help. Disabling solution analysis did not help


Henryk Wisniewski, I'm sorry to hear you've encountered some problems with ReSharper.

Can I ask you to collect performance snapshots for us for different cases using the following steps? Snapshots could greatly help us to understand what the problem is. Also, do I understand correctly that you're using ReSharper 2021.1.1 (Extensions | Help | About JetBrains ReSharper)? Thanks in advance!


Yes, here is a link to connected issue on your issue tracker - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-483949


Henryk Wisniewski, thank you! Haven't seen this issue yet. As far as I can see, my colleagues are investigating the snapshots you sent.


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