"Cannot resolve template" with UIHint (again)

Previously: https://resharper-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360001931279--Cannot-resolve-template-with-UIHint

This time, R# 2020.3.2 in VS2019 v16.8.4 is refusing to resolve a template specified via the UIHint attribute in an abstract model class:

Removing the abstract modifier from the model class results in:

The code compiles and runs correctly with or without the modifier.

R# 2020.3.2 Build 203.0.20201229.111204
VS2019 16.8.30907.101

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Hello Richard Deeming,

Thank you for contacting us! Could you share a sample solution illustrating the issue? You may submit it alongside a support ticket created by the Submit a Request button above.

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Sample submitted as ticket #3139640.

It seems that the template can be resolved in an abstract model class, so long as that class is defined outside of any MVC area. If the model class is defined in an MVC area, with the template defined in the global "Shared\EditorTemplates" folder, R# cannot resolve it if the model class is abstract.


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