How can I apply 'Add spaces within single-line expression braces' setting to team-shared file?

I can apply this setting to my personal file. However, when I apply it using Options; Code style; Editor; C-sharp; Spaces
It just doesn't apply. I save it as a team setting. I open the editor again, and see that the change has bounced back.. However, there is no validation/error message, as of why it failed.

So I had to copy it manually in the text editor from my personal file to the team-shared file, then it worked.

The setting is, <s:Boolean x:Key="/Default/CodeStyle/CodeFormatting/CSharpFormat/SPACE_WITHIN_SINGLE_LINE_ARRAY_INITIALIZER_BRACES/@EntryValue">True</s:Boolean>

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Hello @Anders,

Thank you for contacting us! Could you confirm that you save the settings using the "Save To" dialog as shown on the screenshot below?


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