Resharper interferes with the VS 2019 multiple startup projects

I have a solution that contains two web mvc .net apps projects. Often, when develop I want to start both projects. In VS 2019, under Solution Properties -> Common Properties -> Startup Project, I selected Multiple Startup projects and I chose the option Start for the two projects. Upon saving, VS 2019 shows <Multiple Startup Projects> in the dropdown to the left of the Start button with the green arrow. I can start the projects and it's all good for only one run.

After I stop the project, something happens and the R# Build & Run configuration takes over and I am back to running the projects individually as dictated by the selections on the Build & Run tab. From this point on only the selection of the project on the Build & Run tab matters, even when I select and run a different project using the VS dropdown.


1. How can I configure R# such that it doesn't interfere with the VS startup projects selections at all?

2. Can I run multiple projects at the same time using R#?

I am running JetBrains ReSharper 2020.3.2 Build 203.0.20201229.111204, and

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2019
Version 16.8.4


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Sorry for the delay in responding.

Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the issue.

Could you please provide a sample solution in which the problem is reproduced? You can do it privately via "Submit a request" form" at the top of the page.

Thank you.



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