Unit Tests not running for UWP Library and UWP App



I have Universal class library and Universal App. I have created Universal Unit Test App to run the tests against the class library. 

ReSharper unit session explorer is not running those tests.

MS Test Explorer is running those tests.

I am using VS 2019 Professional  16.1.0 and Resharper 2020.1.4

Uploaded the resharper log file and test project for reference



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Hi @Raja,

Unfortunately, ReSharper currently doesn't support MSTest in UWP projects, the reason is

VS2019 has no public API to discover/run tests. This includes UWP tests as well. This issue requires an investigation what other ways to run UWP test project there might be. 

Please feel free to comment and vote or just subscribe on the issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-473827

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But i had taken coverage of UWP projects in previous version of Resharper with VS2017....it used to work before...

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Yes, you are right, it used to work in VS2017, but changes introduced in VS2019 made it impossible with the current model.

This functionality was already reworked and will be included in the next major release, see RSRP-473827


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