Enhance the "ReSharper_NavigateTo" - like navigation?



so I have been using the mentioned up command to pop up a menu. 

The only way to navigate it is either by using the underlined characters or the Up/Down arrows.

I select one option, say "Usages of Symbol".

Then the only way to navigate the popped up items is by Up/Down arrows.


I find the ways of navigating these menus, inconvenient (moreover, being an Vim user, I avoid moving my hand to the Up/Down arrows).

I would suggest that at least the Tab, Shift+Tab buttons work for navigating the focused item Up/Down for such kind of menus. This is generic approach which works on all VS menus anyway.



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Thanks for the suggestion! We'll implement Tab/Shift+Tab navigation in popup menus in 2021.1 (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-482571). Note that in the "Usages of Symbol" menu you can also use quick search - just start typing, and the list will narrow down.


Thank you for the care! 

And yeah, I do know I can narrow down the list. Usually it is more hard to select the proper words so it gets down to one choice, other than just move to the Up/Down buttons.


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