Resharper no longer analyzing razor/CSHTML files

Using latest Resharper - 2020.2.4 - it has stopped analyzing my Razor/CSHTML files inside my ASP.NET MVC Framework project. It used to work fine, and I cannot figure out what could've changed.


If I make a new solution/project, it seems to be working (showing the green checkmark above the scrollbar). But our main solution file for our website no longer shows this for its Razor files.

I've tried resetting Visual Studio, and resetting Resharper settings. No joy. I have no idea what could've broken here nor how to diagnose. Any help folks can offer would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello Nicholas,


To begin with, please try clearing ReSharper caches via ReSharper | Options | Environment | General | Clear caches.

Thank you.

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It ended up being the "read project model directly from disk" Resharper option that caused my problems. I unchecked that, and now it's working properly. Thanks.

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Thank you for letting me know, Nicholas.


Is the same problem reproduced with the latest ReSharper 2020.3 and enabled "Read project model" option?

If the problem is still reproduced could you please:

1. Start VS with ReSharper in internal mode with command devenv /ReSharper.Internal
2. Select in menu ReSharper | Internal | Project Model | Project Model Dump and save it in DumpOptionDisabled.txt file
3. Enable Read solution model directly option
4. Select in menu ReSharper | Internal | Project Model | Project Model Dump and save it in DumpOptionEnabled.txt file

Please share txt files privately via and let me know Upload ID.

Thank you.


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