Project references - Public Project Content (include directories)

We have an issue with Resharper C++ include directory detection. It does not include directories (listed under Public Project Content) of the referenced project.
Here is the image of the referenced project VC++ Directories configuration:

Visual Studio's IntelliSense correctly detects header from the project Foo, however with Resharper enabled it does not. Note that it builds correctly.

Here is the minimal example uploaded under ID: 2020_12_09_ELavzpv2BDpd8jfG

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Thanks for the example project! "Public Project Content" are new project properties recently introduced to support C++20 modules, ReSharper C++ does not support yet neither the new properties nor C++20 modules. We'll probably add support for the new project properties in the scope of 2021.1, follow  if you are interested.

As a workaround, you can add the include dirs to the ReSharper project properties so that ReSharper can see the include paths:


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