Selecting a bookmark causes Git blame to disappear


When using Git blame, it opens a new pane. If I use a R# bookmark, the pane disappears. I don't know if this is a bug or normal behavior.
Using R# 2020.2.4 and latest VS 2019.

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Hello Abdu Bukres

Thank you for contacting us! What is a Git blame? Is it a 3rd-party extension or VS built-in feature? And what do you mean by R# bookmark? Could you describe the issue in more details and share a screenshot for the issue?

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Add a project into a Git based source control.

In any .cs files create a bookmark. ctrl-shift-1.

Right click on the .cs file, Go to Git menu. Select Blame (annotated). A new blame pane opens. Hit ctrl-1 to go the bookmark. The pane disappears.

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Abdu Bukres Git Blame opens not just a pane, but the whole new tab with the editor which missing syntax highlighting an most VS and ReSharper features including Boormarks.

When you hit Ctrl+1 the tab (and pane) stays opened, the editor just switches to a regular tab with the same cs file.


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