Select and Paste with a single keystroke



One operation I keep repeating is Ctrl+W followed by Ctrl+V when I need to replace a word with the contents of the clipboard. I wonder if there is a single shortcut that does this?


Jose Simas, thank you for your question. I'm afraid ReSharper doesn't have such functionality. I've created a new YouTrack ticket that you can comment or vote to stay informed about status changes.


Thanks, it would be a nice to have.


I'm not sure I fully understand your editing scenario. It would be helpful if you could describe why to need repeat this operation often. Are you trying to rename something that the Rename refactoring cannot do?

Did you know about these native Visual Studio features that might be useful to you:

1. You can double click on word to select it

2. Multi-caret selection may also be useful:


Hi Alexander,

This usually happens when modifying existing code to slightly different conditions or repurposing code where renaming won't cut it. The idea is to be able to paste whatever is in the clipboard replacing the word where the caret is without using the mouse or more than one key press (plus modifier). At the moment I do a sequence of Ctrl+w followed by Ctrl+v but it would be nice to have just one. I somehow thought R# would have some way of recording sequences of keys and replay them thus my original question (which, BTW, would be a really nice feature).

Thank you for the double click tip, I don't know how I missed that over the last 30 odd years of programming? :)


Jose Simas, thanks for clarification. The macro feature with a proper UI maybe indeed a nice feature, but I doubt we should introduce a dedicated shortcut for this particular combined action.

I personally use autohotkey for this level of customization. You can use this snippet to remap F1 to ctrl-w ctrl-v

#IfWinActive Visual Studio
F1::send ^w^v



Thanks, I had not thought of AutoHotKey.


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