Any projected timeframe on when new versions of Typescript will be supported?

I was just curious if there was any word on updating the typescript support in Resharper.

Typescript is getting to about 4.0, but Resharper only seems to support up to 3.0.

Which sadly leaves out optional chaining support, plus 3.7 had a lot of stuff in it.

So I was wondering if there was any plans to improve the Typescript support to later versions and if so if there was any idea how long it might take to complete?



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M4bwav We sincerely apologize for not being more responsive in TS support area. This is since it was decided to focus our attention on more general areas like new C# support, new frameworks support and performance issues. By this, we mean that our resources in Typescript support are still quite limited.

We have this issue in our tracker which represents the roadmap for new TS support:

Your feedback becomes really important in such circumstances. It would help us a lot to prioritize next steps better. We would appreciate it very much if you could take some time to describe the critical problems you're experiencing in comments under the feature-request:

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