MSTest not working correctly

My installation of ReSharper will not identify MSTest test cases.  When I try to look at the MSTest settings, the tab is blank, as shown in this screenshot.  I'm using VS2019 (16.7.4) and R# 2020.2.3.  The other tabs work fine (NUnit, etc).  Any help would be appreciated.  I've looked for other solutions.  The second screenshot below shows that the "Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities" checkbox is not available for me (another solution I found).





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Morgan Vergara

This is the UI issue. The only MSTest setting (.testsettings file location) was moved to the ReSharper | Options | Tools | Unit Testing | Test Runner page. The UI issue with MSTest empty page is going to be fixed in 2020.3

The MSTest support is always enabled. Do you have any issues running the tests? Are you able to run them using VS built-in runner?

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