Resharper isn't installing

Install is failing on dotTrace, dotMemory and DotPeak.

Here is the uploaded install log...

Upload id: 2020_08_14_WrAfpoGCAH3QCZCV (file: InstallLog_2020-08-14T06-06-27.txt)

I can't make heads or tails of it.


Can you help?



Hello Douglas,

thank you for contacting us.
There is an "Access is denied" error on registry key creation.
This error is caused by one of these two reasons:
- Your user account does not have sufficient registry permissions.
- An antivirus application is preventing the installer from properly registering file extensions. Could you please try to temporarily disable an antivirus and try to reinstall?
Thank you.


Disabled the antivirus, and ran as administrator, still no joy neither HKLM or HKCU has a listing for that particular key.


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