InspectCode - C# compile errors on vcxproj (c++/CLI)

Hi everyone. 


We're using InspectCode on a solution which has  C++/CLI project (vcxproj) inside as a managed c++ wrapper. In some C# projects we are refrencing this project via ProjectReference to the vcxproj. InspectCode then complains about C# compiler errors for the classes located in the C++ project. 

How can we make InspectCode properly discover these classes? We already added a compilation step to our linting project. We compile the vcxproj first, and then we run InspectCode. Still the references seem not to work properly. 

Is there a good way to make InspectCode play properly with our C++/CLR project or at least the DLL we are already compiling (without changing our project references to DLL references)?



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Hi Daniel,

Do you use ReSharper in Visual Studio? Does it report the same errors as the InspectCode?

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