Split the .NET Tools blog into ReSharper and Rider.

I love ReSharper and I love Visual Studio. I have no interest in Rider, at all. I would love if the .NET Tools blog would be split into one for ReSharper and one for Rider, or at the very least, posts were to be clearly marked what product they relate to. Preferable in a way to easily filter them out when using an RSS reader. 

I know Rider is a thing for many people, but I have personally zero interest in Rider. 

I am very sorry if this post is in the wrong place, but I was unable to find a better place. 

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I totally agree with you

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Hello and thank you for your feedback.

Am I right you use RSS to read the blog? 

For now, JetBrains has a common blog for all products. As there are many common cross-functionality in our tools. And this is especially true for Rider and ReSharper. So it's quite hard to completely split the blogs.

However, it's a valid point to reduce the noise in your case and we do consider updating some subscription abilities so that you can subscribe via email for example to one or another and will try to carefully mark common blog posts to target one or another email blast. But as I said, it's really complicated and even impossible in some cases.


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