Content scan changed in last update. It was better before

OK, first sorry for my lack of proper terminology but Resharper has so many features I barely know any of them by their given name, they're just fogging my brain.

So when you type and that context box with the identifiers that fit what you type comes up, nothing is preselected. Even if there is only one identifier that fits what you type it is not preselected. That means you can not simply press TAB and autofill the rest. You have to press arrow down to select the word and then TAB. I am pretty sure this was not so in the previous version since I catch myself all the time pressing TAB and then nothing happens other than that the cursor moves to the next tab position and the word remains unfinished.

I think the first word in the list should be selected and certainly so if there is only one option.


Upload id: 2020_08_17_UC56CybTosntPEBx (file: ScanError.jpg)

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You need to change settings on this page to "Display and preselect":

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Thanks a bunch. There are so many options I don't know what half of them do and the behavior was different in the last version so I thought it was hardwired.



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