Resharper support failing to communicate with us.


We have had a ticket open with JetBrains regarding a horrific slow down in the time it takes to run our large suit of Unit/Integration tests. So far the input we have received back has been unhelpful, and not in a timely fashion. We expect a lot more from JetBrains than what we are getting. We have provided everything that has been requested and yet our answers have been subpar.  Honestly I'm not even sure if JetBrains actually has taken the time to look into the issue. At this point I am starting to advise that people start looking into DevExpress's Refactor Pro, and it looks like this might be the direction that we end up going in too. For a software development shop that relied pretty heavily on JetBrain's software, this is really disappointing.



Official comment


Sorry for the delay in responding.
The request is kept open as we know you are not satisfied with the current behavior.
We are working on new test runner that should improve test performance cause of mentioned earlier option of using server gc. I suppose you can try new test runner during ReSharper 2020.2 Early Access Program which is open already, but still cannot tell certain estimates for the build that will it.
As for snapshots our developer who investigated it cannot find any slowdown in our code. We still assume the problem should be fixed with new test runner.
We've tested your solution using:
* old test runner (2020.1.x), it executed tests in ~3 minutes 40 seconds.
* new test runner with turned off server gc ~ 3 minutes 25 seconds.
* new test runner with turned on server gc ~ 2 minutes 43 seconds.
I'll let you know once we add this feature in ReSharper 2020.2 EAP builds.
Please accept my apologies for keeping you waiting.
Thank you.

Hi Angelina, we have profiled our tests in ReSharper 2020.2 EAP7 and found that the results are comparable with ReSharper 2018.2.3, which is exactly what we were hoping for. The new test runner utilizes 100% CPU for the duration of the tests running. Thank you for your attention to this issue, we look forward to installing the next official release across our team.


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