R# cannot resolve enum member in xmldoc comment

public IconType IconType { get; set; }

/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets the well known icon id.
/// Only applicable if <see cref="IconType" /> is <see cref="IconType.WellKnownIcon" />.
/// </summary>
public int WellKnownIconId { get; set; }

This code does work from a VS perspective - the first cref references the field, the second references the enum member.

However, R# shows a warning: "Could not resolve 'WellKnownIcon'"

Is this a known limitation or a bug?

(R# Ultimate 2019.3.3, Visual Studio 2017)

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I suspect it's getting confused between the enum type and the property of the same name. Try prefixing the reference with the member type identifier:

<see cref="F:IconType.WellKnownIcon" />.


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If I add F: in front, it does no longer syntax-highlight it as an enum, but yes, the warning is gone.

However, shouldn't the cref change when the enum member is renamed through the resharper rename tool? Because it doesn't.

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The other option would be to fully-qualify the enum type name:

<see cref="YourNamespace.IconType.WellKnownIcon" />

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