Resharper C# bug: [PublicAPI] prevents "field can be made readonly" warning for private fields.

Consider the following code:

public sealed class Test
    private int _value;

    public Test(int value)
        _value = value;

    public int Value => _value;

Resharper will correctly suggest that the _value can be made readonly.

However, if you decorate the class with [PublicAPI] the warning incorrectly goes away. I don't think that the warning should go away for a private field that can be made readonly.

This is an issue because you have to decorate public classes in class libraries with [PublicAPI] otherwise you get annoying warnings about public items not being used, or suggestions to make public items private - but doing so stops suggestions about making private fields readonly.

Note that if you decorate a class with [PublicAPI] and afterwards add a parameter to a constructor, Resharper will offer to add a private readonly backing field for it, so that at least is (correctly) ignoring the [PublicAPI] attribute.

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Hello Matthew,


Please ignore the previous message.

There's similar request reported -

You are welcome to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.

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