Does ReSharper have support on Linux?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask if ReSharper Ultimate it's available for Linux. I've the all products pack license but whenever I want to download ReSharper it's trying to download an .exe file. So, it looks like is not supported in Linux. Btw. I want to use ReSharper with Rider, not Visual Studio.
Tried to find it through the Plugins section but I found nothing here.

ReSharper is not supported in Linux, right?

Thanks in advance, have a good one.

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Hi Lucas!
ReSharper is a plugin for Visual Studio which is available only for Windows.
Don't confuse with Visual Studio for Mac which is a totally different product.
But JetBrains has own cross-platform IDE for .NET - Rider.
It's built on ReSharper and Idea.
You can find it here


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