Cannot resolve simbol ...

Today I updated ReSharper Ultimate to version 2020.1.
In the current Visual Studio 2019 Linux Console project all STL classes are displayed in red with the message "Cannot resolve simbol..."
This behavior is only observed for STL classes, and other specific features, constants, and Linux definitions are displayed normally.
The project is compiled and started without errors.
When F12 is pressed on the STL class, it goes to its definition in the file along the path "c:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Linux\HeaderCache\1.0\number\..".
When the ReSharper code analysis is disabled, the red color of STL class is disappears.
I removed ".vs," cleaned ReSharper 's cache, restarted the project - no result.
This was not the case before the ReSharper update.
Please help!
Sorry for my english.

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Sorry about that, we'll fix this issue in 2020.1.1. Please try this build with the fix - You might need to clear the cache on your solution after installing it.

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Yes it works!

I noticed the following: for my old project it works, in case of creating a new project, this problem remains :(

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Could you please attach your project with unresolved code to

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Hm, strangely, I restarted a new project again and the problems disappeared.
I'll let you know if there's a problem again.


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